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Wrecks & Reefs-December 20, 2014

Kelpcutter dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on Dec. 20, 2014 and turned out great. With all the holiday and Christmas stuff going on it was nice to get out diving, meet some new people and distress for a day aboard the Peace to dive the Kelpcutter and Spirit of America. Our plans did change as you will read below but it all worked out in the end which is how it should be.

avenger-suzyAt first the weather was looking like it might be a bit difficult but it got with the program and actually turned out very nice which was a big surprise. There was somewhat of a big swell but the interval between them was long so you just didn’t notice it much. We did have to cancel the dive on the Kelpcutter because of its location but we did do our 1st dive at a reef very close to the Avenger plane wreck off Anacapa so you had your choice to go deeper to the plane or not so deep to the reef. The plane wreck was the best and only obvious choice to me as the reef has been taken over by brittle stars. Vis was an awesome 60′ or so and no current making this an excellent dive.

I am really glad we made it to the Avenger because the last time I dived it was 5-6 years ago and it still looked more like a plane and not a skeleton of a plane. It has deteriorated quite a bit since then and I am afraid if I wait another 5 years there just will not be much to see.

kelpcutter We then made the decision to head over to the Yellowbanks area doing our 2nd dive in the outer area (50′-70′) of Pink Ribbon with vis about 50’+. The wind really picked up while on the dive so we then made our way further up the island to get out of the wind for our 3rd dive at Drop-off Reef. The wall here is always a good dive and visibility was about 40′ when we got in and then about half way into the dive it became about 15′ due to the wind switching topside and bringing in the dirty water from shore.

kelpcutter For our last dive we decided to give it a shot and move to the Spirit of America and see how it was but the water was very dirty and lots of wind so we made another final decision to head back to the harbor. The day didn’t turn out as expected but it seemed like everyone was still happy with how it did turn out and this is all just part of diving. If you are a diver and can’t seem to go with the flow then maybe you should be looking for a different sport, like something indoors.


See video of the Avenger from this trip

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By Ken Kollwitz