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Kelpcutter/Spirit of America wreck trip-Peace-Dec. 17, 2016

Kelpcutter/Spirit of America dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on Dec. 17, 2016 and was one of the best ones. This was a shared trip with our friends at PCH Scuba aboard the Peace for some wreck diving and I was amazed at how good the trip turned out based on the weather we had leading up to the trip.

Why you probably ask? Well, as easy as I am to get along with Gale and I just don’t click and she showed up Friday with a vengeance. She really was being nasty and her friends, wind & swell weren’t all that nice during the week so of course everyone was calling to check up on her mother named “Mother Nature” all week to see if we would still be going out. Gale was so nasty that she even caused the Ventura Harbor boat parade to be canceled and at times she was shouting so loud her voice traveled past us at over 35 mph but would you believe at around 9:30 pm Friday night she must have gotten so tired of being angry that she relaxed and gave in letting us have some very nice weather on Saturday.

There are 2 morals to this story. 1-It takes much more energy to be mad and angry than to be happy and kind so let’s all chill a bit. 2-If you are ever planning to be on a dive trip aboard the Peace and the weather isn’t looking so good even the night before, don’t question Eric about the weather because you need to have faith in him and know he isn’t going to take you out on a trip just to collect your money.

So how was our day out-Outstanding! We didn’t get to dive the Kelpcutter because of Gales mother and had a bumpy ride over to Santa Cruz but we did get 3 excellent dives on the backside of Cruz at the Pink Ribbon Boilers, Drop-Off Reef and Flame Reef and from there we went around to the Spirit of America and had another great dive. Water was cold and in the low 50’s making it so some only did 2-3 dives but the seas were calm once over at Cruz. There was some current at Pink Ribbon Boilers but then this was an advanced trip. Vis was GREAT and probably 30′-50′ with about 15′-20′ at the wreck of the Spirit of America.

For those bug hunters Robin was the only one to catch a bug and she only had her gauge and no bag to put it into so she just carried it around for the dive with a very tight grip-way to go Robin!

As always we were well taken care of by the crew and on our return to Ventura Harbor at 7:00 we were able to be part of the Christmas Boat Parade.

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By Ken Kollwitz


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