Kopco Star & Anacapa Outer Reefs 2/18/12

Sometimes trips go as planned and then sometimes they don’t and guess what? this is one of them that didn’t! At least it was another day that the marine forecast was wrong, we actually had nice weather, little wind and for the most part a smooth ride.

We first headed out the short distance to the Kopco Star and my friend, Jonathan really helped everyone on this dive. Jonathan knows the Kopco Star well and sacrificed his 1st dive to check the conditions before everyone jumped in.  We decided that Jonathan would go down and if the visibility was better than 8′ ft. he would send up a marker buoy letting us know to send in the divers. Unfortunately we seen him coming back up the line way to early and when he surfaced he said the visibility was 0′ and dark.

Now it was time to head to Anacapa to get some diving in and again things didn’t go as planned. The weather was still nice but the current was too strong for us to dive any of the outer reefs so we did our 3 dives on the backside of Anacapa all in less than 60′ deep. The dives were OK and none had great vis but then you just gotta take what mother nature gives you and make the most out of it.

Tony and Candee (the owners of the Explorer) did everything they could to make our day a good one and even if the dive conditions weren’t the best it sure looked like everyone was having a good time. The nice thing about the Explorer (and why CIDA uses it) is that they just aren’t happy stopping any old place and dropping the anchor to get a dive over with. They always go out of there way searching and looking for the best dive spots they can find and because of this we did get back a little later than expected but that seemed to be OK with everyone as it looked like everyone had a good time.

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