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Bug Fest, Santa Rosa Island-Truth-Oct. 13th & 14th, 2017


Eight Annual lobster trip dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on Oct. 13 & 14, 2017 and it was another successful trip. Even more so because we ACTUALLY made it to Santa Rosa. According to the weather report we shouldn’t have made it and in fact we were all set for another detour to Santa Cruz Island but like I always tell everyone-“You don’t know till you go”!

The trip out on early Friday morning was uneventful which is good and as I awoke we were just between the 2 islands with no wind and little swell so instead of Santa Cruz Island we started our day at the Santa Rosa east end pinnacles known by Truth Aquatics as “Very Groovy Wall”, sounds like something captain Davey would have named. From there we moved to East Point proper, San Augustine west & east, Jolla Viejo and finishing up for the night at Johnson Lee. Would you believe we had 28 on the trip and 24 made the night dive which is an all-time record for a night dive.

On Saturday we started early and did 3 1/2 dives around Talcott Shoals. The last dive was short so it only counted for a half dive. The weather the entire trip was awesome and calm, little wind and only a big swell at Talcott but lots of time between sets. Everyone was amazed especially after the weather report before the trip. Visibility was a good 30′-40′ ft. with water temps in the high 50’s to low 60’s. Most everyone left with bugs with quite a few newbie bug hunters that now have caught the BUG FEVER.

The ride back was very nice and thank you to Captain Davey and the excellent crew we had on this trip. They all worked hard to keep the momentum up getting us in more dives then usual on a Truth Aquatics trip and making everyone go home with SMILES on their face!

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By Ken Kollwitz


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