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Magician Dive Boat

Magician Dive Boat Information

magician dive boatThe Magician dive boat has been a favorite of SoCal divers for years and it continues to work out great for Channel Islands Dive Adventures.

The Magician has an excellent following and is owned and operated by Captain Carl Mayhugh. Captain Carl has continually improved the boat after buying the Magician in 2016. He and the crew also know how to make customers happy!

Carl Mayhugh-Owner & Captain

magician dive boat captain carlCarl began working in the dive industry as Second Captain of the Horizon in San Diego. Afterwards he took the opportunity to take over as Captain and Operations Manager at Lois Ann Dive Charters where he remained until he bought his own dive boat. Carl holds a USCG 100GT Master License.

dolphins on Channel Islands Dive Adventures whale watching tripCarl worked for NOAA as a field biologist and was a Marine Mammal Observer for the NOAA ORCAWALE Marine Mammal Survey. He also had the opportunity to teach college level marine biology and marine field ecology at Prescott College’s research station in Bahia Kino, Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez.

He has worked as a Whale Watching Captain in Dana Point and the Long Beach area. He has a degree in Marine Conservation Biology, a Graduate Certificate in Coastal Studies, and a Certificate in Ornithology. Carl is also a AAUS Scientific Diver, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and a member of the NOAA Large Whale Disentanglement Team for OC/LA.

The Magician Dive Boat

The Magician is a 65’ USCG rated vessel that is certified to carry up to 44 passengers or 28 divers. It has bunks to accommodate up to 14 passengers while at dock or on over night trips. The have a full galley with them serving meals, snacks and drinks on all trips. They also have a nautical range of 1,000+ miles for their longer research trips and a cruising speed of 10 knots.

For those nitrox divers they have a Nuvair membrane system with fills costing $10.00 or $7.50 with fill card. Their specialty is Catalina, Oil Rigs, Farnsworth, Palos Verdes, local wrecks, whale watching and marine mammal viewing and 2 day trips to Santa Barbara Island for birding and marine mammal viewing. They are one of the few with permits to land on The National Parks like Santa Barbara Island.

Channel Islands Dive Adventures has a number of trips on the Magician and you can see those at our Dive Calendar.

For trips on the Magician you will need to bring all your own gear and 1 tank. If you need gear rentals you can arrange in advanced with through your local dive shop.


Location and Directions for the Magician

The Magician is located at the 22nd Street landing where several other dive boats are docked and is the first boat you will see to the left side of the dock as you go down the main ramp. Their address is 141 W 22nd Street, San Pedro, CA

See more information about the Magician at their website-

Note: You may collect scallops and lobsters on the Magician but spearguns and pole spears are not allowed. 

Magician-New rules as of Oct. 1, 2019

In the wake of the Conception tragedy there are now important changes for all the dive boats. The USCG is taking this very seriously requiring every commercial vessel to complete an additional inspection of watch keeping procedures, crew training, firefighting equipment, emergency lighting and bunk-room escape hatch.

The Magician met or exceeded all crew training, fire prevention & firefighting requirements for the USCG before any improvements.

In spite of this, they have upgraded their smoke alarms to an interconnected smoke/carbon monoxide tester system and added two more detectors. In addition they have added two night-watch alarms, one in the wheelhouse and one in the galley.

They have also had to make other changes on-board that will AFFECT EVERYONE. PLEASE READ before signing up for a trip on the Magician.

1-ALL lithium batteries (most everything has a lithium battery) brought on board will need to be in a fireproof container like the Lipo bags you can find on the Internet. Power strips have never been allowed on the boat and still will not be allowed.

2-All lithium batteries will be required to be charged in your fireproof container or Lipo bag. NO charging of batteries will be allowed between 10 pm-6 am.

3-Large hard dive cases will no longer be allowed on-board. They can block escape routes.

4-According to the USCG to ease passenger egress in case of an emergency they will be lowering the maximum on overnites and people sleeping on the boat at dock to 14 passengers. There can still be more people on the boat for a day trip but people wishing to sleep on the boat the night before WILL BE limited to 14.

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