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Rig/Wreck-Sept. 15, 2014-Pacific Star

Oil Rig/Wreck dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Pacific Star on Sept. 15, 2014 and was one of the best!

The rig/wreck trips are always fun or is it a wreck/rig trip? I don’t know and either way it is 1 dive on the Olympic II and 2 dives on the rigs. What rigs some ask? Well it really depends on who gets to the rigs first and if there are other boats going the same day, otherwise we always try for Eureka first.

OlympicThere are many things to like on these trips and the fact you get done and back to the dock early is sure one of the reasons but one of the big reasons for me is the chance to dive the Olympic II. Now I am a wreck type of guy and I will have to admit not everyone is, so for some divers they would just as well sit out the wreck dive and wait till the rigs. Good thing we aren’t clones and all like something different!

olympic wreckI have done dozens of dives on the Olympic II and for me it is still fascinating and always a new adventure. I am getting to know it much better but there is still much more to see and one day when I hit it on a REAL good day and get some incredible video I think I will go buy a lottery ticket.

rigOn this trip we had at least 60’-80’ vis down to 60’ or so and then it dropped to around 10’-15’below 60’. The water was warm and there was still plenty to see on the dive. My buddy Todd had never been on the Olympic II so being his first dive with low vis there is that many reasons now for him to go back. Now this time Captain Dave had fun with the anchor as well as Jake who had to go on an unplanned dive to free the anchor. I wouldn’t have been too sad if we had to stay and do another dive!

rigFinally when the anchor was free we were off to the rig Eureka. I would have thought with the weekend being the SoCal Shootout photo contest weekend I for sure thought there would be other boats at the rigs but it was just us and that was fine with everyone aboard.

We did both dives on Eureka and when it was as good as it was why leave to a different rig if you don’t have to. The conditions were awesome with about 75’+ vis, warm water and very little current. The wind did come up later about when we finished our last dive but than that was just good timing.

rigThe excellent thing about the rigs now is all the bait fish that have been calling them home and it must be something about the warm water or the fact that some people on the boat sighted a HAMMERHEAD SHARK close by. No one seen it in the water but they could make out what it was from the top deck looking close as it was close to the boat.

oil rig wreck diveI’ll tell you things have been changing and with the warm water we have had and while it is still warm there are things coming to our shores we are not used to so get out diving and see what type of things you can see without going on a warm water dive vacation.

Oil Rig Eureka-SoCal Shootout 2014-Video

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By Ken Kollwitz