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Rig/Wreck-March 22, 2014-Truth


Oil Rig/Wreck dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on March 22, 2014 and was great.

We had another really good diverse group of divers with a number of people diving rebreathers and doubles which is exactly what CIDA trips are all about. There was even a very cool scooter rig with a video camera and lights installed and I hope to see some of that video as they cruised through the rig structure.

olympicOur first dive at the Olympic ll went well with Pat Smith giving a history about the wreck before jumping in. I wouldn’t mind diving the wreck all day and I think CIDA will have to plan a trip next year (or 2) with all wreck diving for those wreck diving enthusiasts. Vis was about 20′-30′ but dark and little current. No matter how many times I dive the Olympic II there is always more cool things to see and I just can’t tired of it.

We started out for the Eureka rig but there were already some dive boats there so we made a quick decision (and the only one) to head over to Elly & Ellen where we made our last 2 dives. Conditions were very good on the rig with little to no current, hardly any surge and decent vis.

tech gearQuite a few went for scallops the 1st dive including myself (Ken K) and buddies Cindy D. & Michelle H. while Michelle B. watched us to learn how to remove the meat from the shell for next time. Water temp must have been around 60 because I was warm enough to never want to look at my gauge to see what the temp was and it seemed that even the wetsuit divers were very comfortable.

rigThe Truth crew did a great job taking care of us and having nitrox for $6.00 a fill is really nice not to mention all the room there is for everyone to spread out. We had about 27 on board and it seemed like there was a ton of room left. Even with the doubles and stage bottles there was still tank spots left. If you haven’t been on the Truth out of Long Beach I urge you to give her a try and you now have till mid-June to do it, after that she heads back to Santa Barbara.

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By Ken Kollwitz