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Rig/Wreck trip 7/21/12

Oil Rig/Wreck dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Pacific Star on July 21, 2012 and it turned out great.

There seems to be something about diving the rigs and wrecks that most everyone just doesn’t seem to get tired of. I know every dive I have always done on them I always seem to see something different especially every dive I have done on the Olympic. It’s like taking the same hike, you always see something different.

oil rig wreckOur 1st dive was on the Olympic as it is only a 30 minute ride and halfway to the rigs and like usual Captain David put the anchor right over it making for an easy and safe deep dive.  At 100’ deep you just can’t seem to get enough of it. I got so caught up in doing some video on it that I lost my buddies (Cindy & Tom) but I knew they wouldn’t be too far away and I found them at the anchor line on the wreck.  The visibility was about 30’ and with so much to see I could easily have stayed there for all 3 dives but we needed to move on so we could dive the rigs.

We were also very lucky because the weather was excellent topside and no current on any dives except for the swell when on our safety stops. We moved on to the rig, Eureka, the deepest of the 3 rigs that everyone has the chance to dive. oil rig wreckThe 1st dive on the rig my buddy (Cindy) and I went for scallops. This was Cindy’s first time and she had a blast doing some scallop gathering. There really is no hunting involved. We got our limits and while on our safety stop we had the pleasure to see a school of Mola Molas. They cruised by us on the outer edge of the rig and just a little deeper then we were but we could still see 8-12 of them. What a cool sight that was and we were the only ones that seen them.

After our 90 minute surface interval we did our last dive on the rig with both of us concentrating on taking some pictures. There’s always something good to photograph on the rig. I like to hang around the cross braces because there is always some fish like the Cabazon’s sitting around and if you can’t get any good fish photos there is always something else to get photos of. It was a great dive and sad to have to leave.

We then were treated to an EXCELLENT Korean BBQ by my friend Cris & his daughter, Julie. It sure was a hit and I am sure there will be other BBQ’s like this on other CIDA trips. Because the rigs are so close to the harbor we barely got done with our later lunch before we arrived at the dock at about 2:30 pm. What an AWESOME day it was!!!

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By Ken Kollwitz


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