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SoCal Shootout Rig/Wreck trip-Sept. 15, 2013

Oil Rig/Wreck dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Asante on Sept. 15, 2013 and it turned out great.

This trip was put on especially for the SoCal Shootout and turned out much better than CIDA had hoped. Only 3 weeks before there was only 4 people signed up for the trip and then within 2 weeks it filled up which was very nice to see. The wreck of the Olympic and the rigs hardly ever disappoint divers and this trip was no different.

oil rig wreckThe weather had been very nice the week before which is always good indication of something good to come. Not everyone on the trip was there for pictures so it was a mixed crowd as usual. I myself was taking pictures but then with CIDA being a sponsor for the SoCal Shootout I wouldn’t have been able to enter, not to think I would have won anything anyways but there was an image that did place from this trip on the rigs.

oil rig wreckOur 1st dive like usual on this type of trip was the Olympic and with the good conditions we had and the Nitrox I was using I think I finally was able to get some good video of the wreck. The Olympic is another of my favorite wrecks and I could easily spend the entire 3 dives diving just the wreck. The visibility was about 30′ and it is so easy to navigate when the anchor is placed right next to the wreck like it was on this trip.

oil rig wreckAfterwards we moved to the rigs doing both dives on the deepest of the 3 rigs at Eureka. When we pulled up you could you could just see we were in for a treat with the blue water and little surge. Having some moderate to large surge on the rigs is not a fun thing and luckily today wouldn’t be like that. Some divers went for scallops easily getting their limit of 10 while others were off trying to get that winning photograph. The nice thing about the rigs is you just can’t seem to dive them enough and after our 2 dives it was time to head back.

The other nice thing about the Rig/Wreck trips is that they are not far from the harbor and with 3 dives you still get back by about 3:30 giving you plenty of time to go home and do what we all love most-clean dive gear!

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By Ken Kollwitz


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