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Rig/Wreck trip-December 21, 2013-Truth

oil rigs

Oil Rig/Wreck dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on Dec. 21, 2013 and was a great trip.

The rig wreck trips are always good but once in a while you get some conditions that just aren’t in your favor and this was one of those. This was also the first ever trip to the rigs & the wreck of the Olympic ll aboard the Truth and things didn’t go exactly as they should but than some people didn’t listen to the briefing either.

First we knew the Pacific Star was heading out to the same place and come to find out several others boat operators had the same thing in mind so our plan was to try and get to the Olympic ll first but that didn’t happen. I didn’t realize but a passenger we were waiting for wasn’t due to be out on the trip so the Pacific Star arrived about 10 minutes before us and when it was obvious they weren’t going to share with anyone we headed over to Eureka, the largest and deeper of the three rigs. The conditions didn’t look the best but certainly not the worst so Captain Thomas gave a good briefing and off we went.

oil rig wreckIt turned out there was quite a bit of current making it very difficult for some and then to top it off a couple of divers swam out to the boat when they were instructed not to do so and this just caused a chain of events that weren’t all that good and this is why you MUST PAY ATTENTION TO INSTRUCTIONS!

olympicBy time the Captain was able to get the divers that swam out on board and along with the current pushing the Truth away from the rigs there was a time that lots of divers were trying to stay close to the rig and the strong current wasn’t helping. It took a while to get everyone back with a few grumbling about why wasn’t the Truth closer like they should have been but they didn’t know that a couple of divers didn’t pay attention and swam out past the boat when they shouldn’t have. Also the crew operating the skiff could have been more helpful but then this was a first time for the Truth on a day when conditions were less than stellar.

truthAfterwards we decided to go back to the Olympic ll while no one was there and this turned out to be a very good choice.  There was some surface current to contend with but the dive itself was great. I have to say I really like the Olympic and could spend all day diving her without moving! The guys on the Truth wanted to try and get us our 3rd dive in so we than headed back to the rigs but after a short ride and finding out the Pacific Star called it a day without doing 3 dives due to the conditions we did the same and were back to the dock by 2:00.

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By Ken Kollwitz



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