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Oil Rigs & Olympic ll Wreck Trip-Magician Dive Boat-Aug. 31, 2019-(Advanced divers and above)

Join Channel Islands Dive Adventures on our trip to the Oil Rig & Olympic ll Wreck Trip aboard the Magician Dive Boat

Diving rigs & wrecks can be an awesome experience. Whether you want to take pictures, get scallops or just sightseeing there is something for everyone. Diving man-made objects in the open ocean can be mystifying! The first dive will be the Olympic ll and then 2 more at the rigs.

Scallop at Pt Dume on our Channel Islands Dive Adventures coastal dive trip

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Trip Details

  • Where: Oil Rigs & Wreck of the Olympic ll
  • Depart from: 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro
  • When: Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019
  • Time: Board at 6:00 am Saturday or after 8:00 pm Friday evening and depart at 7:00 am with us getting back about 4:00 pm
  • Cost: $136.00 includes, 3 dives, lunch, snacks & air

This trip is best suited for

Advanced divers and above that have experience in cold water conditions including; current, swell, possible limited visibility and deep water.The oil rigs visited are unique and interesting and inherently have more hazards and may not necessarily have the best dive conditions. Most importantly, good buoyancy control is needed and surface signal tubes are always recommended.

Trip Highlights

Diving the oil rigs Eureka, Elley and Ellen can be an awesome experience.  Eureka (about 700’ deep) is the furthest out of the 3. In most diver’s opinion it is the best. Elley and Ellen (around 260’ deep) are not far from Eureka and are about 8 miles out of Long Beach. Both Elley and Ellen are connected by a bridge making them into an oil rig complex. What makes an oil rig such an incredible dive is the amount of life that live on the legs and cross braces. You then have the schooling fish and sea lions swimming to make the day. The rigs are a photographer’s dreams come true. Diving the Oil Rigs-Video

oil rig diving

The Olympic II started her life as the Star of France and built in 1877. Later she was sold and relocated to Washington State in the early 1900’s to haul lumber. She became a fishing barge in 1934 and was renamed the Olympic ll and moved to San Pedro, CA. On the morning of September 4, 1940 she was hit by another boat and sunk with the loss of some lives. The Olympic ll now sits a few miles out of Los Angeles Harbor in 100′ of water.

Olympic ll


On this trip we will have Guest Photographer Brook Peterson joining us to give free tips and suggestions for those who ask. Brook Peterson is an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer who enjoys capturing the beauty of the underwater environment throughout the world. Read more about Brook HERE.

The Boat

The Magician dive boat has been a favorite of SoCal divers for years and Channel Islands Dive Adventures is pleased that we now have added it to our lineup of boats we charter for our dive trips. The Magician had been owned and operated by Captain Jerry Lewis for many years creating a good following for the boat and now with the new owner/operator Captain Carl Mayhugh it only seems to get better. There is no spearfishing allowed on the MagicianRead more about the Magician HERE.

magician dive boat


If you have any questions, please contact Ken at or call (805) 469-7288