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Peace Dive Boat

Peace Dive Boat Information


Very Sad News-As of May 31, 2020 the Peace dive boat will be stopping all operations!


peace-dive-boatThe Peace is widely known as one of the best boats in SoCal. There crew is top notch and probably one of the most experienced in California for any dive boat. A number of them have been with the Peace for over 15 years and they truly work as a team on every trip to make sure you have the best time possible. If you are looking for an excellent boat with a great safety record then all you need to do now is book a trip!

Eric Bowman-Owner & Captain

peace-crewEric is a certified Divemaster, has his 100 Ton Captain license, is First Aid and CPR Trained, and is a DAN Oxygen Provider. Eric has been diving since 1984 and worked on the PEACE as a Deckhand, Divemaster and First/Second Captain since 1994. Eric started working on dive boats in Ventura at 16 years of age.  He has extensive knowledge of the Channel Islands and his passion is underwater hunting.

The Peace Dive Boat

The Peace is 65’x 22’ and has single and double bunks that sleep 23, (see bunk room layout). All bunks have privacy curtains, lights, pillows and blankets. There are 2 heads with showers along with an outdoor fresh water shower and the FAMOUS salt water hot tub. They also have a clothes dryer if needed.

peace-dive-boatInside there is a large galley with a TV and VCR player along with an area for cameras and lots of 110-volt outlets for your charging needs. The galley is also where all the delicious meals are cooked and served. Meals for a typical day will include a starter breakfast of oatmeal, toast, bagels, fruit, cereal, juice and more. For lunch there is always a big spread with a theme like Italian, Mexican or something else. Save room, because later in the day there is still a homemade dessert usually along with ice cream.

peace-dive boatIf you’re on a multi-day trip, then there is still a big dinner along with more deserts. Just make sure you dive as much as possible to burn off all the food. For drinks there is a soda machine, ice and there is always water available. If you feel inclined to bring your own alcoholic drinks, that is also OK, just bring your own cooler and ice to store them in.

The PEACE is able to fill all tanks, including high-pressure tanks, up to 3500 PSI. In fact they can turn a group around and get them out diving again faster then any other SoCal dive boat. They are equipped with a DNAx Membrane System, which currently produces Nitrox blends at 32%.

If you are an underwater hunter you are in luck! This is the Peace’s specialty with all the crew enjoying it as well. If you have questions the crew would love to help.

For trips on the Peace you will need to bring all your own gear and 1 tank. Gear rentals are not available through the Peace. If you need gear rentals you will need to arrange in advanced with your local dive shop.

Location and Directions to the Peace

The Peace is in the Ventura Harbor and is located on the end of “E” dock.  That is 2 ramps closer to the Harbor Village restaurants and shops then our previous dock which was “G”. See directions here.

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Peace-New rules as of Oct. 1, 2019

In the wake of the Conception tragedy there are now important changes for all the dive boats. The USCG is taking this very seriously requiring every commercial vessel to complete an additional inspection of watch keeping procedures, crew training, firefighting equipment, emergency lighting and bunkroom escape hatch.

The Peace is in full compliance of current Coast Guard regulations and will continue to work with the Coast Guard to implement any and all new regulations that they require.  

Below are some of the major safety features that we currently have on board:

  1. 7 portable fire extinguishers on board that are inspected annually.
  2. We have a fixed halon firefighting system in our engine room that is automatically triggered by heat and there is also a manual pull to extinguish a fire.
  3. Two smoke alarms in the bunk room that are tested regularly.
  4. We have a heat sensor in the galley that is wired to a wheelhouse alarm in case of fire.
  5. Inflatable life raft for up to 50 passengers.  That is activated by manual pull or a hydrostatic release at 3 foot of depth.
  6. Satellite EPIRB that gives our current GPS position that is activated if submerged or can also be manually activated in the event deemed necessary.
  7. Our bunk room is equipped with an escape hatch above bunks 8/10 in the forward middle bunk room as well as the 2 common stairwells that access the bunkroom from the back of the galley and back deck.
  8. Life jackets for 50.
  9. Three saltwater hoses in case of fire.
  10. For emergency assistance and communication with the Coast Guard we have a DSC radio calling button (similar to an automatic 911 call) that will send out an alert that we need assistance along with our GPS position along with that we have our typical means of communication via VHF Radio channel 16 for that is monitored continuously by the Coast Guard and is the typical emergency assistance channel.
  11. Our crew is most experienced and highly trained crew in California and likely the industry.  They are great at what they do and want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak with any of our crew.  If you have questions of concerns prior to your trip please feel free to call me directly or if I am out to sea, you may contact Angie at the office.
  12. Our boat has an annual safety inspection performed by the USCG (Coast Guard) that makes sure all of our safety equipment is working and current on our inspections and certifications.

No one knows what changes the United States Coast Guard will be making after the investigations but we are implementing some proactive changes starting immediately.  Please be aware that more changes are likely to come and we will alert you of these as things move forward.

The changes made will AFFECT EVERYONE. PLEASE READ before signing up for a trip on the Peace.

  1. No one is allowed to charge any batteries or electronic devices overnight (during the hours of 8pm-6am).  This includes, but is not limited to batteries, electronic devices, laptops, cell phones, lights, cameras and photography equipment.  Our charging station will be turned off between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am.   Make sure all batteries and devices are charged prior to boarding the boat and put into airplane mode when not in use.  We have other outlets on the boat in the galley and these can be used between the hours of 6 am-8 pm as long as they are unplugged during the night time hours. The outlets in the bunkroom are not to be used to charge any device at any time whatsoever.  The only acceptable use of an outlet in the bunkroom is for medical devices, such as CPAP machines.
  2. We have made a big change to our boarding procedures and are no longer allowing any passengers on board prior to 8 pm for trips that depart between 9 pm – 5 am and for the trips that depart at 7 am on boarding will be at 6 am.  We know that in the past we have allowed people to board the boat early and to sleep on board, but due to the recent events we have decided that this is a necessary change for safety.  This means if a passenger shows up earlier than the 8 pm or 6 am boarding time the galley doors will be locked until our crew member is there to open up the boat and help the passengers sign in and get settled.   A crew member or “roving patrol” will be on deck or in the galley at all times while at dock, anchored or underway.   We have hired an additional crew member to help at the dock so hopefully all passengers will feel safe and comfortable.
  3. According to the USCG to ease passenger egress in case of an emergency they will be lowering the maximum on overnites and people sleeping on the boat at dock to 23 passengers. There can still be more people on the boat for a day trip but people wishing to sleep on the boat the night before WILL BE limited to 23.