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San Clemente Island (aka-backside of Catalina)-April 12, 2014-Truth


San Clemente Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on April 12, 2014 and turned out great even if it wasn’t San Clemente.

Some trips just don’t turn out like you hope for them to and this was one of them. It still turned out good for most but it wasn’t San Clemente. When diving San Clemente the military is involved and any time the military is involved things can change quickly because they own San Clemente and can do what they want. On this day they wanted to close the island so with a little discussion with Glen the owner of Truth Aquatics who would be our captain for the day we decided with the swell and closure we would head to the backside of Catalina.

sea fansI opted out for the usual spots like Farnsworth in hopes to try something new which is really what CIDA is all about. Catalina is large and I know Farnsworth is great but it is always nice to try some new spots when the weather and time permits so that is exactly what we did.

catalinaThe 1st dive was at Pedestal Rock which seemed very nice with a forest of sea fans that were growing everywhere. It was nice short dive for me because the minute I jumped into the water I felt something leaking in my drysuit and it wasn’t me peeing! It kept getting worse and I finally called the dive after about 30 minutes. I am surprised I made it that long because when I got back to the boat I had to lay down on the deck and have someone hold my feet up to get all the water out just so I could remove my drysuit. I wish I had a video of that because that would have been something to show people about what NOT to do! Anyways it was a beautiful day and everyone still had more diving ahead while I watched them all have fun.

freediversThe 2nd dive was at Fred’s rock and then Cape Cortez for the last dives. I heard they were all good dives so I will just have to get back to them to see for myself. We also had 2 freedivers on board that did extremely well getting large calico and some sheephead. They were all jazzed on how they did and how it worked out for them on a boat with a bunch of divers. It was something they hadn’t done before.

I might have missed out on some good dives but I still had fun just taking it easy, enjoying a cold one and having some good conversation with everyone on the way back home!

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By Ken Kollwitz