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San Miguel-Truth-May 27-28, 2017


San Miguel Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. It was a 2 day trip on the Truth on May 27 & 28, 2017 and turned out really good. Over Memorial Day weekend we FINALLY made it to San Miguel aboard the Truth for a 2 day trip on Sat/Sun. Getting to San Miguel hasn’t been too easy this past year because of all the wind and not so great weather we have had. The ride out was uneventful which is always good with us making our first stop at Prince Island to check things out. We did a dive there but visibility was quite poor so we took a stroll around to the backside doing all our diving for Saturday around the Taylor Bight area which is one of my favorites.

The area around Taylor Bight has so much diverse terrain you just can’t go wrong and not to mention lots of thick weeds (what Captain Davey calls kelp) everywhere. It was a bit dark in the weeds but we had 20′-35′ visibility most everywhere and some darn cold water temperatures running in the low 50’s.

For the photographers we had Todd Winner aboard helping out with questions and from the looks of it he had quite a few including some questions that I had. It is always good to try and learn something new and having Todd and Michael on different CIDA trips has worked out great.

It also looked like the hunters did quite well with a number of lingcods, rockfish and kelp bass taken. That is one nice thing about CIDA trips-the sightseers, hunters and photographers all seem to get along which is very nice to see especially when you have a full boat for 2 days.

The topside weather was OK for the weekend with little sun, some wind and relatively calm seas. With the cold water the wetsuit divers sure could have used more sun to help warm up plus it didn’t help that the hot water system the Truth uses for divers to warm up with by stuffing a hose down your suit wasn’t working, because of all this the wetsuit divers could only handle 2-3 dives a day and no one braved the night dive!

On Sunday we stayed in the same area starting out at Wyckoff Ledge for the first 2 dives and then moving up a short distance again to the Taylor Bight area. Again, more photo opportunities and more hunting made everyone happy before leaving for our 4.5 hour ride back.

It turned out to be a great trip especially being able to FINALLY make it to San Miguel this year and not ending up at Santa Cruz.

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By Ken Kollwitz


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