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Epic San Miguel 2 day-Peace-Sept. 11 & 12, 2015

san miguel island

San Miguel Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on Sept. 11 & 12, 2015 and was as EPIC as it could be!

Before the trip I just had this feeling it would be good from the excellent topside weather we were having and from the way the marine forecast looked but not in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would have been as good as it was.

san miguel islandI would have to say it started out somewhat miserable because it was so hot with no breeze that just walking up to the boat to board without carrying gear was enough to make you feel like you were on vacation at the most hot and humid place you could have gone. Then there is sleeping in a bunk room with little ventilation once the curtain is pulled closed but you have to look at the bright side and realize the ride out was so smooth and then waking up to a beautiful sunrise on flat calm seas would only mean there was some good diving ahead.

san miguel island

In fact it wasn’t only just good diving it was EPIC diving which doesn’t happen very often and why was it so EPIC? I will tell you. We did all our dives (10 of them including the night dive) on the north side of the west end of San Miguel diving places you can only dream about and in fact the last 2 dives of the trip were at a unnamed site that even the Peace had not san miguel islandbeen to in about 3 years. Some of the sites we dived I have never been to in 20 plus years. Now top it off with really good vis of 30′-40′ or better, lots of life, warm water that averaged around the low 60’s, some current & surge but not enough to be a real problem and a boat load of REALLY FUN people and now you have EPIC!!!

The outside temp was much nicer after that first night and it was a bit overcast which really helped out except for san miguel islandnot getting as much light penetrating down through the water but then what do they make flashlights for. We stayed the night anchored in Cuyler Harbor where some of the divers did a night dive and some of us watched the flying fish and others went to bed nice and early after our big meal. Speaking of meals, Steve & Bri did an san miguel islandexcellent job on keeping us well feed and the rest of the crew-Eric, Stephen, James & Cory all did an outstanding job taking care of us divers on the deck and making sure there were no problems.

san miguel islandWhen talking about a multi-day trip sometimes people will say “why a 2 day trip, they are expensive” and all I can say is where are you going to find so much good diving and fun for $360.00. Let’s take that a step further and say 10 dives for $360.00 = $36.00 per dive, now really where are you going to get that kind of deal and dive places you normal can’t go in a single day trip and get all that excellent customer service and food to keep you fueled. san miguel islandIt cost more for a 3 dive day to Anacapa or Catalina and the diving might be good but NOTHING like the outer islands. The only time I think you can make any good argument about a multi-day trip is if you can’t get the 2 days off for a trip like this which does happen or you still need more experience for a trip to the outer islands.

san miguel islandWe dived Boomerang, Canyons, Oil Spring, Westcott Shoals, Castle Rock, Lovers Cove and Cuyler on Friday and Skyscrapper along with 2 dives at CIDA Flats on Saturday before our nice 6 hour ride back to the dock. We also had a boat tour of the elephant seals at Lovers Cove on Friday late afternoon which was totally awesome and we had Whale and dolphin sightings on the way back to Ventura. I don’t think it can get any better so that is why this trip was so EPIC!

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By Ken Kollwitz