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Santa Barbara Island-Truth-March 21, 2015

santa barbara island

Santa Barbara Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on March 21, 2015 and was fantastic trip.

Santa Barbara Island (SBI) always seems to be a crowd pleaser with its many excellent dive sites, good visibility and marine life not to mention the famous sea lion rookery. SBI trips fill fast so if you ever would like to go on one make sure you get signed up early or you might just lose out. Also, with the Truth docked at the Pierpont Landing in Rainbow Harbor next to the Aquarium of the Pacific the first half of the year divers now have an excellent boat to get out to all the cool SoCal islands and dive sites. I urge you to give the Truth a try if you have not yet done so-you will be glad you did!

santa barbara islandFor this trip the weather was looking great and there was much anticipation the night before for some excellent diving the next day. It is always fun being around divers the night before and talking diving and getting to learn more about each other and of course possibly enjoying a cold beer or drink at the same time.

santa barbara islandConditions on the way out were so good with a slight swell and no wind that you could barely notice that the boat was moving and trips like this is what we always hope for. In the water visibility ranged from 60’ to possibly 100’ feet and water temps were from 61° to 64°. The first dive was along NW drop-off, the second was along the SE side of Sutil Island which was really an excellent site and one I for sure want to go back to. This site had lots of variety with large structure, small swim trough’s, sand channels,  lots of healthy kelp and lots of marine life.

The last dive was at the site of the George E Billings close to the sea lion rookery. This was a nice shallow dive with some very cool reef structure and some of the biggest and most plentiful lobster grounds I have seen except for it is all off limits being in a Marine Protected area.

santa barbara islandThe only bummer was that all the sites we dived were infected with the invasive Sargassum grass that seems to be taking over lots of cool dive sites at our local islands and in some areas it was dense enough to appear to be stopping the local kelp from growing which is not good.

All in all another fantastic day to SBI aboard the Truth. Captain Davey and crew always seem to take good care of us and get us the best day diving in that they can.

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Report by Ken Kollwitz