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Santa Barbara Island-February 15, 2014

Santa Barbara Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on Feb. 15, 2014 and turned out great.

This trip completely took me by surprise and you might ask why? That is because when I realized we had to board on Valentines night I thought it would end up being a hard sell especially with CIDA having the full charter but to my surprise it not only filled up quickly but there was a wait list of 7 people. Who would have thought that would happen!

truthEven with 32 on board you can’t tell it because of the way the Truth is laid out. The bunk room is large with plenty of nice bunks and room to move around and the galley has plenty of seating and along with that there are 43 tank slots and lots of places to store gear and all you belongings. We all know when you go on an overnight boat trip it seems like you have enough stuff for a week long adventure in the outback of Alaska. As they say, diving is a gear intensive sport!

Again the weather had been good although there was a report of 3’-5’ swells but it was more like 2’ swells making it a very nice trip out. The topside weather was also nice with warm sunny skies and a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

santa barbara islandThis trip we had about half the people hunting, a quarter taking pictures and the other quarter just out to have fun and because of the hunters we wanted to try and stay out of the Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) which we did.  We did all our diving around the southwestern end. This area has some great dives with depths mainly running between 50’-80’.

santa barbara islandWe didn’t do the underwater arch but stayed in the general area between 50’-70’ for the first 2 dives and then had a shallower dive for the 3rd. The visibility was excellent running about 50’-60’ and the water temperature was in the low 60’s which made for a very comfortable dive. The crew still was having problems with the timing of the briefings and the filling of the tanks now that they have their new Nitrox system so it was no 4th dive for us.

One thing I really like about SBI is its ability to please everyone and it seemed to do just this on this trip. On our nice ride back way back in they feed us a chicken dinner and we were back to the dock by 7:00 pm. Thank you everyone for making this such a nice day!

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By Ken Kollwitz


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