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2 day San Miguel (AKA: Santa Cruz)-Sept. 15 & 16, 2018

santa cruz island

Santa Cruz Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on the weekend of September 15/16, 2018.  Originally we were scheduled for San Miguel but of course Mother Nature had other plans for us. It wasn’t blowing hard with HUGE swells like the report said but there was enough wind & current to keep us at some sheltered parts of Santa Cruz.

happy diversThe ride out was a little bumpy and luckily it looked as though everyone survived the crossing OK with the more seasoned boat people saying “That wasn’t bad at all”. We went down the front of Santa Cruz and swung around the east end before trying to figure out what to do. Went by Yellowbanks, Flame Reef and a few other great sites but current just wasn’t going to have us yet. We settled on Albert’s doing 2 dives and then worked our way to Flame Reef for 2 more dives.

simnia snail at santa cruz islandAt Albert’s, I seen a black sea bass swim past in the green water just far enough away that it was more like a silhouette. Visibility was about 20’. Also, seen 3 octopus and lots of fish out on the point. Just had to stay low to keep out of the little current we had.

tube anemone at santa cruz islandFlame Reef was good but still didn’t see some of the usual critters and nudibranchs that Flame is known for. Seen some more octopus at Flame and again lots of fish plus some better visibility at this site, more like 30 ish. Afterwards we attempted to go back around the front side for a night dive and place to stay for the night but the seas wouldn’t have us so we stayed at Smugglers for the night.

happy nondiverSunday the weather still kept us close to the island with us doing our first 2 dives at Diablo Pt. Rocks. On the first dive my drysuit inflator valve kept sticking so I aborted, went back to the boat, removed the valve and fixed it. Had a little too much corrosion in it, probably from the few times I have jumped in without attaching the hose. For the second dive we went along the east side of the rocks and had a very nice dive green anemone at santa cruz islandwith some rather clean water. Seen lots of fish and big calico’s hiding in the rocks and lots of simian snails at this site. Fun dive! For the last dive we moved to the East Wall at Fry’s Harbor with the dive being about the same as all the rest. Afterwards it was time to pack up and head back to Santa Barbara. The ride back was a little wild at times but that just gave us something to talk about. All in all the trip turned out quite good considering the weather we had to work with.

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