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Santa Cruz Island-Peace-Feb. 3, 2018


Santa Cruz Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on Feb. 3, 2018 and the weather was great. The ocean was about as flat and calm as it ever could be and the sky was clear and beautiful making this a perfect day out diving. We had a full boat sharing it with our friends at PCH Scuba.

We did 3 dives all on the frontside of Santa Cruz going to Cavern Point, Potato Pinnacle and Coaches Point. All 3 dives turned out excellent especially because we had photographers, hunters and sightseers. This is one thing that is really nice about CIDA trips and that is WE ALL get along no matter what each person wishes to do. For the photographer there was LOTS of macro life especially at Potato Pinnacle along the wall where the currents normally would sweep by and some good bug hunting for a few people at Coaches. Cavern Point is in an MPA so nothing but pictures here and you should see all the large fish. What I was really surprised at was the schools of ocean whitefish all over the reef. That is something I can’t remember seeing before.

Some were sad that we left Potato Pinnacle and didn’t stay for a 2nd dive and that is one place we will try another time when conditions are good. For me that was the best dive because I always miss seeing the octopus that everyone else sees and this dive I seen 6 plus 2 morays and lots of other cool small critters.

Water temp was around 55 degrees and visibility was a good 30′-40′ plus giving everyone some great dives. As usually the Peace crew did an outstanding job and we also got to celebrate Brook Peterson 1000th dive which the crew had lots of fun with.

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By Ken Kollwitz


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