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2 day Santa Cruz trip-Truth-April 16 & 17, 2016

santa cruz island

Santa Cruz Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on April 16 & 17, 2016 and was an awesome 2 day trip. We were absolutely happy that the marine forecast was not what was predicted. The forecast was calling for high winds and rough seas but we had neither while on the trip and in fact it was rather calm and warm out which no one complained about. When we boarded on Friday night some of us got sand blasted by the wind blowing the beach sand at us but when it came time to leave at 3:00 am the ride was very nice and the dreaded bumpy seas just didn’t materialize.

davey on the truthWe did decide to start at Gull Island on the back west side of Santa Cruz Island and see how things progressed. We had 3 excellent dives at Gull Island which were very nice and because we had a number of people from out of state it was that much better. We had one person from Alberta, Canada, one from Boston, one from Chicago, one from Seattle and two from the bay area so with them getting the excellent Gull Island experience they all for sure would like to return. We then did a dive at Coaches on the back side of Santa Cruz which was sad because it was overrun with Sargassum grass and the grass was trying to take over at Albert’s where we spent the night.

santa cruz island whaleSunday we did a dive off the east end pinnacles off Santa Rosa and then headed over to the front side of Santa Cruz with a stop at Ruby’s Rock and Quail Rock. Along the way we checked out Painted Cave and as we left we got the show of a lifetime watching a large group or pod of humpback whales & sea lions for quite some time and we have to thank captain Davey for staying as long as he did. What a spectacular show it was! Every direction you looked you could see whales coming up and then submerging again all the DSCN1374while showing off their tails. While this all happened there were huge groups of sea lions following the whales which made for an awesome show. We figured there had to be at least 8-12 whales and hundreds of sea lions in the show of nature we were so lucky to watch. We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and it goes to show you-DON’T watch the weather because if you do and stay home you could miss the opportunity of a lifetime!

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By Ken Kollwitz