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Santa Cruz-Peace-June 13, 2015

santa cruz island

Santa Cruz Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on June 13, 2015 and it doesn’t get much better.

I hadn’t been out diving in over a month so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew the trip would be fun because 5 friends from LAUPS were going to be on the trip celebrating a few birthdays. As the time drew nearer the weather report was starting to look much nicer than it had been and with the ever changing weather the world has had who knew the day would turn out so wonderful.

I was asked where you would like to go. I answered, let’s start at Flame Reef on the backside of Santa Cruz because it is an all-time favorite for photographers and anyone else who enjoys an excellent dive and if we get the chance let’s try the Spirit of America (aka-The Peacock) on the front side of Santa Cruz knowing this would probably never happen.

santa cruz islandOnce we left the harbor we realized this wasn’t going to be just any ordinary day because with the excellent weather and the flat clam seas (no wind) Eric said this is one day we could go anywhere and so we started at Flame Reef then moved to Pink Ribbon Boilers and had lunch. While we had lunch we moved to the other side for an excellent dive on the Spirit of America and then a spot I have never have dived before called Adams Cave which was also great.

santa cruz islandWhat a fantastic way to spend the day! The visibility on all the dives except the Spirit of America was great with probably a good 30’ or so and on the wreck it was about 10’-15’ but never the less it was still an excellent dive. The wreck of the Spirit of America is in my opinion very underrated but then that is OK because it doesn’t get that many divers on it. Time has taken its toll on it but it still is very picturesque and with some of the largest Spanish shawls on it I have ever seen.

Who would think 4 excellent dives, a boat full of fun people and calm seas and good topside weather? It just doesn’t get much better!

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By- Ken Kollwitz