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Outer Islands-2 day Truth-Sept 16 & 17, 2016


Santa Cruz/Rosa Islands dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Truth on Sept. 16 & 17, 2016 and was surprisingly good.

On this trip we were again aboard the Truth and for what the weather report was we sure got lucky. The report called for gale warnings and big seas and guess what? The report was wrong again! We just about had a full boat and we had lots of room & plenty of FUN people on the trip.

We did have to go to the backside of Santa Cruz on Fri but the ride over was so much better than expected it was unreal. We did 4 OK dives and one night dive for those brave souls, of course though the water was around 65 degrees and warm outside which sure helped. Still, I let the beer become my night dive. We did Bowen Point, Coaches Piretos and Albert’s on Sat and one very good note was the absences of Sargassum grass at some of the sights we previously have seen it. OK, there were some very small pieces growing on the rocks but it was nothing compared to the tall forest it was before.

On Friday evening we decided to head over early to Santa Rosa and if the weather wasn’t good we would go back to Santa Cruz but instead we awoke to calm seas, no wind and a gorgeous day. We dived Carrington Point & Rhodes Reef. Rhodes was my favorite with lots of cool terrain, kelp, schools of fish and plenty of small stuff growing everyplace you looked. A few people (Emily) hardly even moved when finding some cool subjects to take pictures of. We did 3-4 dives depending on how you worked it on the last dive and water was about 60ish at Santa Rosa.

I didn’t take my camera on the dives but had LOTS of fun showing a guest from Montreal all the cool things we have in our neck of the world. All the stuff we see on each dive is so new to out of town guest it is almost like Christmas and each new thing brings tons of joy especially the kelp and sealions.

Also, I want to extend a HUGH THANK YOU to Samy’s camera for sending all the rental test equipment along with Zac who was there to help anyone with questions about being a better photographer or wanting to know maybe what to buy. Not only did Samy’s do that but they also sent along hats, shirts and $25.00 gift cards for everyone-It don’t get much better than that and I can foresee some good things happening on more of CIDA trips in 2017.

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By Ken Kollwitz


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