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Bug Fest-Truth-Oct. 14 & 15, 2016


Santa Rosa Island/Lobster trip report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. This was our annual trip was on the Truth on Oct. 14 & 15, 2016 and turned out great.

Had an awesome Bug Fest trip this past weekend aboard the Truth even if the weather kept us from going to where we had planned but then the weather threw a spoke into most everyone’s plans wanting to go to the outer islands so we were not alone.

One thing I discovered LONG ago was that it isn’t really that important where you end up but it sure is important who you end up with and we had a really GOOD bunch of people on the trip so that in itself was worth it all!

The plan was to go to Talcott Shoals, Santa Rosa Island and the West end of Santa Cruz but we ended up having to keep it to the east end of Santa Cruz working both the front and backside or should I say the weather kept us there. Seen all the other boats in the same spots but we at least had some good diving conditions with vis running about 20′-40′ or better and water temp in the low 60’s.

We had lots of newbie bug hunters and I think it is safe to say they had LOTS of FUN even if they didn’t go home with many or any bugs and some better bug hunters that still only went home with 5 or 6 from the 2 days out. Seen lots of small ones and big ones in holes so far back all you could do is flip them the finger and move on and wish your arms could be 6″-12″ longer. Seen lots of cages with not many bugs but overall had a fantastic time.

Of course Captain Davey and crew took very good care of us and got us 10 dives in including the night dive-not bad for 2 days. We for sure made a believer out of more than a few people about why a multi-day trip is so much more FUN!

If you missed out CIDA has charters 2-3 times a month and more and you can always find our schedule online. Please join us sometime!

Check out our Home Page and join us for other trips!

By Ken Kollwitz


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