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Ultralight Control Systems

Ultralight Control Systems has been in the underwater photography and scuba diving industry since 1993. They specialize in making light weight aluminum arms, clamps, trays, pivots adapters for all strobes, and video applications, along with numerous accessories for underwater camera systems and strobes.

Ultralight controls are also ideal for top side cameras and video. If it has something to do with cameras or video, they will have a solution. Ultralight offers a full line of adapters for every underwater strobe and video light and continually come out with new products. What’s best is all there products are all made locally in the USA and can withstand the harshest treatment.

Another product they are dealers of is the ever popular Go Pro video cameras. Go Pro cameras are rated to 180’ are very small and easy to use. Sports enthusiasts (snowboarders, skiers, parachutists, jet skiers and more) have been using them for quite some time because of how rugged they are. For divers they are ideal because you can just turn it on and leave it on throughout your dive and you can even take still shots with them. They are so small they can fit into your Ultralight camera system very well.

Ultralight Control Systems is owned and operated by a very knowledgeable husband & wife team who are also photographers and videographers. They mostly sell Ultralight products through dealers, but you can always contact them to ask any specific questions you might have and they are always ready to help, there’s nothing like an excellent product and very friendly and helpful service. Why not buy the best for your camera.