West Santa Cruz-3/24/12

This was another trip that the marine forecast was not too accurate and no one complained as it was in our favor. We didn’t make it to the west end but we did get to dive the front side and get a chance to go into Painted Cave. Painted Cave is the second largest and one of the deepest sea caves in the world. The largest sea cave is Sea Lion cave in Florence, Oregon.

Anyways we departed on time at 4:00am and had a nice ride out to our first dive spot-Del Mar Caves.  My buddy and I started the dive going to the west and I thought “this is a bit boring” and then we turned and headed east more along the edge of the island. We didn’t have to go far to see the dive was much more interesting then I thought, there were very large rocks covered with life. It actually got me a bit confused because it was one of those times it was just hard to believe your compass. Del Mar Caves turned out to be a cool dive, the only problem was the vis was only about 10′-20′ for the whole day. Eric said the vis had been great the week before, I guess it was just one of those days.

Kevin did try and to back to the west end to see how it was and it still was not very good for diving so we continued to head east down along the island. our second dive was at West of West Grotto which I sat out after starting the dive and having a computer malfunction. I was told the vis was only about 10′ at this site and lots of people said it was probably a great site if you could see something. Afterwards we went to West of Hazards and then ended our day at Diablo Rock. The vis at Diablo was the best for the day and this spot has a nice drop off along the west to northwest side where I seen lots of bigger fish. I guess my day was filled with little gear problems because on this dive my mask wouldn’t quite slowly filling with water which was a pain.

All in all it seemed like everyone had a great time with a nice ride back to the deck getting in about 7:00pm. Thank you to the Whalers and Soule Searchers dive clubs. There were 10 Whalers and 5 Sole Searchers.  If you’re not in a club you should check into them because it’s always fun to go out with a bunch of friends for a fun day of diving!

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