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Wrecks & Reefs-Peace-Dec. 19, 2015

spirit of america

Wrecks & Reefs dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on Dec. 19, 2015 and was one of the best!

I think it is safe to say everyone had an AWESOME day out diving on the 19th aboard the Peace. We did our 1st dive on the Kopco Star about 3 miles out of harbor. The Kopco Star was a kelpcutter that sunk in October 1963 and now sits at a depth of about 85’. Vis was about 10′ and wasn’t the best but also not the worst I have seen on it. The 2 wolfeels that are usually in the back top area were camera shy spirit of americaso they didn’t come out of their hole but all the big fish around the wreck made up for it. The wreck is like a magnet for fish probably because there is only sand around the wreck for quite a distance.

spirit of americaAfterwards we headed for the Spirit of America where we made 2 outstanding dives with no current, clean water and excellent vis which was about 30′ or more. What a pretty wreck! The Spirit is starting to show more as she breaks up and even with 2 dives there was still plenty we probably missed seeing. The Spirit of America is a WWII Minesweeper that sunk in the 70’s and was first identified as the Peacock. She sits at a depth of about 65’ just a little ways out of Scorpions anchorage.

spirit of americaOur 4th dive was close by on Scorpion Wall and with lots to see we finished the day with another excellent dive. Lots of schooling fish, sea fans, good rock structure, good vis and more. This is a trip CIDA has been doing once a wrecks reefs diveyear but it is so popular and the wrecks are so cool to see that we really need to schedule this trip at least twice a year. The only problem is that the best time to do this trip is Sept. to early Jan and sometimes you have storms to deal with but it would be well worth the effort.

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By Ken Kollwitz