• 10% Military Discounts

    10% Military Discounts

  • SoCal Single & Mutli-day trips

    SoCal Single & Mutli-day Trips

  • Come join the Adventure

    Come join the Adventure

  • Warm & Cold Water Vacation Trips

    Warm & Cold Water Vacation Trips

  • All level divers (and non-divers) welcome

    All Level Divers (and non-divers) Welcome

  • Trips are Scooter, Rebreather & Doubles Friendly

    Trips are Scooter, Rebreather & Doubles Friendly

  • Photography, Sightseers, Hunters & Free Divers Welcome

    Photography, Sightseers, Hunters & Free Divers Welcome

  • Special prices for club sponsors

    Special Prices for Club Sponsors

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    Dive Accident & Travel Insurance Provider

  • Trips to Wrecks, Rigs, Coastal, Islands and more

Come join CIDA for your next Dive Adventure!

Mission Statement

Channel Islands Dive Adventures mission is to offer well organized dive trips to unique and interesting destinations with a dive/travel guide present, to help foster new friendships with other like minded divers and above all to promote safe and fun diving. read more.

July Happenings

Hi Divers,

Summer is passing us up so don’t wait too long to get out with the family, have some fun and do some diving. Speaking of diving, Channel Islands Dive Adventures has plenty of fun dive trips and guess what? They are kid & family friendly so why not try CIDA for your next family dive trip or vacation. Check out our trip schedule to pick your next trip!

CIDA has lots of trips planned with many of them shared with our friends at PCH Scuba and it looks like there will be plenty more next year. Speaking of PCH Scuba there is much going on between them and Channel Islands Dive Adventures so please check out all the info below and see how this excellent partnership is going to help you! Wow..can you believe it, two dive businesses working together to get people out diving. This is something very unique in the dive industry!

If you still haven’t planned your dive vacation yet there is still room for a few more on our  Bonaire at Buddy Dive on Oct. 25-Nov. 1, 2014. Going with a group can be lots of fun and it is a GREAT way to meet other like-minded divers.

As always Channel Islands Dive Adventures is always “Striving for Different Diving”

and if you take a quick look at our schedule we think you will agree!

Keep Diving, Ken Kollwitz
Channel Islands Dive Adventures


Upcoming CIDA Dive Trips 

July 18th & 19th-Begg Rock-Peace out of Ventura Harbor

August 2nd & 3rd-San Clemente-Pacific Star out of 22nd St. Landing, San Pedro

August 17th-Anacapa/Santa Cruz-Explorer out of Ventura Harbor

September 5th & 6th-Wreck trip, Coastal & Islands-Peace out of Ventura Harbor

September 14th-Rig/Wreck-Pacific Star out of 22nd St. Landing, San Pedro


Weather-button217 ft.com  is a great site for all your weather forecasts and here at CIDA we use it all the time but it can be wrong! Its always good to watch the weather before a trip but sometimes we forget weather can vary from place to place and because of that here is an excellent article on “Weather and Diving”.


Channel Islands Dive Adventures is the proud recipient of the 2013 Divers Alert Network “Rising Star” award-Thank you DAN!


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SoCal Shootout 2014

SoCal Shootout 2014

Sept 12-14th, 2014

More Information Coming Soon!

Join all of Southern California’s underwater photographers in a weekend-long photography extravaganza. Dive anywhere in Southern California and submit your photos from the weekend for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Register Today!


PCH Scuba & CIDA

PCH Scuba & CIDA

PCH Scuba & CIDA are now working together as partners. This is something new to the dive industry and can only be a win/win for everyone. Mention CIDA to  get a 5% discount on PCH Scuba local SoCal trips as well as PCH Scuba friends getting the same discount on CIDA trips. We both now offer 10% Military discounts on local trips and just mention CIDA the next time you are in PCH Scuba for an awesome deal/discount on whatever you decide to buy there. Looking for a class, dive gear or trip locally or internationally than give PCH Scuba a try!

Join DAN or DiveAssure today!

Join DAN or DiveAssure today!

If your a diver and don’t have dive accident insurance, don’t kid yourself thinking nothing is ever going to happen. The one time something does happen (and hopefully it never will) will be when you are going to really hope you have dive accident insurance and that also goes for travel insurance especially if you do multiple dive trips in a year!

Either DAN or DiveAssure both offer plenty of choices depending on your needs and type of diving you like to do. Please check them both out .

Get all the info needed for DAN & DiveAssure here!

Upcoming Events


San Clemente & Farnsworth

black sea bassIf you have never dived San Clemente Island, you are really missing out on some fantastic diving. The problem is there are too many fantastic walls, reefs and some wreck  to dive. Between San Clemente and the backside of Catalina (Farnsworth Bank), you can encounter some of the best diving SoCal has to offer with warmer water and great visibility.

Anacapa/Santa Cruz

sealionEither Anacapa or Santa Cruz Island are excellent locations for a day of diving and if you have never been diving in a kelp forest these are probably two of the best islands to start with. There are lots of great sites at each from easy to advanced and on this trip we will focus more on the easier sites where sealions and harbor seals will come to play with you.

Wreck trip Extravaganza-Coastal & Islands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn good Ole CIDA fashion, if you like to explore new things and desire something different then here is a trip for you plus we will have Patrick Smith aboard to talk about the wrecks we dive on this trip. The Peace only goes to these wrecks for CIDA and it is a trip not to miss!

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