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Dive Vacations

Channel Islands Dive Adventures Warm Water and Cold Water Scuba Diving Vacations

Dive vacations can be so much fun and traveling with a group is even better. You meet new people and make new friends for life. We take pride in making it easy for you. Book your trip now!

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD join us for group scuba vacations?

  • We set everything up and take care of all the details
  • There is a host/tour guide on all trips to help make sure things go as planned
  • Traveling with a group can be quite fun
  • Meet everyone before the trip at pre trip parties
  • Have fun all over again at the after trip parties
  • Make new friends and dive buddies for life
  • Have the chance to see and go places you might normally not go to
  • Let your hair down and enjoy yourself

We LOVE group trips and arranging trips to warm water diving locations all over the world. Cold water trips to Canada and dive trips within the United States is another one of our specialties. Not a diver? No worries because non-divers are always welcome.

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Cobalt Coast Resort, Grand Cayman-April 25-May 2, 2020

Grand Cayman home of the USS Kittiwake wreck and Stingray City! Escape the crowds and enjoy the clear blue water at the fabulous Cobalt Coast Resort on Grand Cayman.  The package includes 17 boat dives, shore dives, ALL meals & lots more. They offer awesome diving just minutes away from the dock on beautiful reefs and wrecks.

8 days/7 night trip starting at $1795.00–Sold Out

Roatan-Roatan Aggressor-July 18-25, 2020

roatan-flamingo-tongueCIDA has been to Roatan three times and Utila once and having the chance to do it all on one trip plus Cayos Cochinos and Seamounts sounded very exciting.  With the diving so different in each area you can’t go wrong. Beautiful reefs, wrecks, walls and seamounds along with the chance to do 27 dives we just had to do this trip!

7 day liveaboard trip starting at $3000.00—Sold Out

God’s Pocket, Vancouver Island, B.C.-May 8-14, 2021

warbonnet on dive at at gods pocketIf you are a Cold Water diver, love ADVENTURE along with the beauty of the mountains and nature then you NEED to be on this trip. The resort is off the grid and beautiful both below and above the surface!

5 day/6 night trip priced at $2450.00

Philippine Siren,Tubbataha-March 18-24, 2021

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993 and there is a good reason why. With it’s vertical walls rising out of great depths you can see hammerheads, thresher sharks and whale sharks. The shallow reef are just as spectacular teeming with life. Add in a beautiful liveaboard trip on the Philippine Siren and some land activities an you have a trip of a lifetime.

7 day liveaboard trip priced at $3950.00–Sold Out

Scuba diving vacations-Land based or liveaboard travel?

How does the higher cost of a liveaboard vs land based dive resort compare?

Land based scuba diving vacations are nice and can be lots of fun. CIDA has been to many land based dive resorts. A typical package might include some or all meals along with 2-3 dives then the bar bill and extra dives all cost more. The extras can adds up fast. Most of the time you need to be back for scheduled meals so the dives all revolve around this or you miss meals. In our opinion the diving sometimes suffers from this. Sure you do get to be on land and do some land activities which is always fun and interesting plus a land based resort is great for non-divers but it isn’t always the best option for a dive trip.

Sooner or later you will want more out of a trip and that is where the scuba diving vacations on a liveboard trip come in. On the liveaboard you have the ability to travel in style. Walking out your room to the dive deck and diving some of the best places you can is an awesome felling. No long rides from a land based resort sure is nice. Night dives on a live-aboard are the norm and afterwards the steward might be bringing you a hot chocolate with some rum in it. After a dive a staff member is handing you a hot towel to dry off with. Meals are excellent with lots of snacks in between. All the staff on board a liveaboard pride themselves with making sure you have the best time ever.

If the weather gets bad you can travel someplace else to get some good diving in instead of being land locked. With today’s weather patterns this is always a possibility. Want to learn something new like nitrox or get better with your pictures, no problem because there is always help close by. Of course you went on that live-aboard trip to dive. With 4 day dives (sometimes more) and a night dive every day you will get in all the diving your body can handle. Bar bills you can forget because wine & beer is usually part of the trip. Now I will agree the rooms are a bit smaller but then who really needs to be in them while on a dive vacation after all we are there to DIVE.


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