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Channel Islands Dive Adventures FAQ

Below is our FAQ to questions you might not have thought about for CIDA. To find and book a dive trip please visit our Dive Calendar page for up to date information on all CIDA trips and for release forms and waivers visit the Dive Policies page.

When did Channel Islands Dive Adventures become a Limited Liability Company?

In 2016 we decided it was long overdue for us to become a limited liability so we filed and received our official paperwork on Mar. 23, 2017.

How do you decide which boats to charter?

We pick the boats to charter depending on the destination, length of trip and how many divers we would like to take. Some boats are better for smaller groups and others are better for longer trips (bunks) or overnight trips. We also keep in mind how good the crew is and are they safety conscious. More of our trips are advanced trips so it also depends on which boats can get us to the dive sites we want to go to.

Which boats do you use?

Channel Islands Dive Adventures currently uses the Peace, Magician, truth and Vision- for more information on the boats used please click here.

What type of dive spots do you visit?

Reefs, pinnacles, walls, wrecks, planes, oil rigs, Big Sur and anything else that makes for an adventure. We try and go to different spots that most divers have not had a chance to dive before and the location varies from the Channel Islands to San Diego to the Ventura offshore coastline and more.

Are all your trips advanced trips?

No, we do tend to have more advanced trips, but we also do some easy relaxed trips that are great for beginners. Some days we just need some easier diving and a day to unwind; these trips are great for that.

Do you offer trips for photographers?

That would be a BIG yes! Most all of our trips are great for photographers but we also offer some photo trips with photo pros aboard to help you get the most out of the time you spend with us. Most all of our CIDA only trips will have a photo professional on board to give one on one help to anyone who would like it. These will not be photo only trips but we have had very good luck with no drama and everyone getting along.

Do you allow spearfishing, lobster catching and scallop collecting?

We sure do as long you are a responsible hunter and pay attention to the Fish & Game rules. We have some specific bug trips and our rig trips are excellent for scallop collecting. All the boats we use allow bug hunting and scallop collecting. Spearfishing is allowed on the Peace boat but NOT THE Magician.

What if I don’t have a buddy?

If you need a buddy we can always find you one, usually there are quite a few repeat customers that are looking for a buddy.

Do you allow non-divers on the trips?

Always! Please call for non-diver prices, the price depends on the trip they would like to go on.

Do you allow free divers or divers with rebreathers, doubles or scooters?

Yes! We like to think if you have the training why not use it and CIDA has some excellent trips for free divers or divers using rebreathers, doubles or scooters. If a boat won’t let you do any of these things CIDA will not use them!

What is the primary focus of your trips?

To get divers diving! Usually no matter where you are diving, you can always take photos or just sightsee. Some of our trips are set up with a primary purpose in mind like wrecks, hunting, pinnacles or deep reefs.

What makes your trips different then a normal open boat?

The main difference between a CIDA trip and a normal open boat is that CIDA charters the boats and then plans the trips to try to go to spots you wouldn’t normally get a chance to go too ( for various reasons) plus we try our best to make sure your day is the best by having excellent dive hosts/tour guides aboard every trip to see that your day turns out to be the best it can!

Do you plan longer warm water or cold water vacations?

Yes, currently Channel Islands Dive Adventures plans at least three longer vacation trips per year. Usually one warm water and one cold water or something more specific like diving the wrecks in North Carolina. Please see our Dive Vacations page for all the details.

Your trips sound good, can a shop or club get on your trips?

Sure, just contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your group. We can even put together a special trip for your group. We will do our best to help. We also provide a 5% discount on any CIDA SoCal dive trip to members of any club or group who actively promotes CIDA. To get the 5% discount the members use a coupon code when signing up for trips.

Trip Prices

Trip prices vary depending on dive destination and boat used.

Do you offer Student & Military discounts?

Yes, 10% discount on any CIDA SoCal dive trips for Students, Military, Fire and Law Enforcement personnel.

How can I pay for CIDA trips?

There are quite a few choices-you may pay online through our secure shopping cart using either Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover or PayPal or you can always send a check, pay cash or we can take phone orders using a credit card.

Do you sell gift certificates?

What a great gift idea and yes. CIDA can make certificates for any occasion, just let us know the amount and we will take care of it.

Booking Spots on trips

All spots are to be paid for in full at time of booking. Please remember, once you have paid for a spot on a trip, that spot is yours and is no longer available to anyone else. If you cannot make it and we have been notified, we will try our best to fill the spot, but ultimately you are responsible for your spot.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a reservation: Call us at 1-805-469-7288

Single Day Trips
No Refund50% Credit**100% Credit**
If cancelled in 0-3 daysIf cancelled in 4-7 daysIf cancelled in 8 or more days
Multi-Day Trips
No Refund50% Credit**100% Credit**
If cancelled in 0-14 daysIf cancelled in 14-30 daysIf cancelled in 31 or more days

**All credits are good for 12 months**

NO REFUNDS or RAINCHECKS will be given

Longer warm/cold water trips

The cancellation policy for the longer warm and cold water trips will vary depending on the resort or operator used-see information for individual trips that are planned.

Weather Policy

All destinations are subject to change depending on the weather and sea conditions. The dive boats can usually make the trips in any kind of weather, rain or shine. Sometimes the weather may not look so good, but most times there are still places to dive. The Captain of the boat being used for a particular trip has the final decision, with concern in providing for the safety and well-being of the passengers and crew aboard. If the Captain or Channel Islands Dive Adventures cancels a trip, then refunds will be given. Never consider a trip cancelled until advised by the Captain or Channel Islands Dive Adventures.

Methods of Payment

Cash or check

MasterCard, Visa, Discover & Amex


Money orders or cashier’s check