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Channel Islands Dive Adventures Trip Photos and Videos

We have FUN on our trips and to show you how much FUN we have please go to our Channel Islands Dive Adventures photos on Flickr and videos at You Tube. We are always adding to it so check back often!

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Join us on a trip sometime soon and you can be in the photos and videos. See our Dive Calendar or Dive Vacations pages.

Flicker Gallery-

Pacific Star trips-Misc 2011-2014, Oil Rigs, wrecks, Farnsworth, Catalina, Santa Barbara Island, bug trips & San Clemente Island

Peace trips-2010 to present, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, San Nick & Begg Rock, Santa Barbara Island, bug trips, local wrecks & coastal trips

Truth trips-2013 to present, Oil Rigs, wrecks, Farnsworth, Catalina, Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente, San Nick & Begg Rock, Bug trips, San Miguel, Santa Rosa & Santa Cruz Islands

Explorer trips-2012 to 2015, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, local wrecks & coastal trips

Asante trips-2014 to 2016, Oil Rigs, wrecks, Farnsworth, Catalina, Palos Verdes

Magician Trips-2017 to present, Oil Rigs, Catalina, Farnsworth, Wrecks and Palos Verdes

Photo Workshops-April 2015

Belize-Land, topside and underwater-Oct. 2015

Bonaire-June 2010 & Oct. 2015

Honduras-Utila, May 2012 & Roatan, June 2013

Cozumel-Sept. 2012

North Carolina-June 2012, August 2013 & July 2015

Cayman Brac-May 2014

Big Sur-June 2014 & 2015

Canada-1000 Islands wreck & bottle adventure-August 2015, God’s Pocket-B.C.-August 2016

Solomon Islands-May 2018

You Tube-

Videos from California dives

  • Big Sur trips aboard the Vision
  • Coastal areas from Ventura
  • Malibu
  • Catalina
  • Anacapa & San Miguel

Videos of shipwrecks

  • SM1 Humble
  • Avalon
  • Kelpcutter (Kopco Star)
  • TBF Avenger off Anacapa Island
  • Oil Rigs off the coast of Long Beach

Videos of North Carolina trips- June 2012 & August 2013-

  • N.C. topside
  • The wreck of the U-352
  • Wrecks of NC
  • The wreck of the Aeolus and the Sand Tigers
  • Megaldon shark teeth diving in North Carolina
  •  Shark teeth adventure
  •  Diving the wrecks of North Carolina

Roatan, Honduras Videos- June 2013

  •  Coco View, The resort
  • The CIDA Roatan group
  •  Roatan Underwater
  • Our Roatan Town Tour
  • Roatan sites by boat
  •  Zip ling adventure on Roatan
  •  The wreck of the Mr. Bud
  •  Underwater video tour of Roatan

Cozumel Videos-September 2012

  • Dos Ojos, Bat Cave
  • Dos Ojos, Barbie Line
  • Our Playa Del Carmen Adventure
  • Diving Cozumel
  • The Villa Aldora Wall dive
  • Above water in Cozumel
  • The wreck of the C-53

Utila Videos -May 2012

  • Utila Topside
  • The wreck of the Haliburton
  • The Jade Sea Horse
  • Utila Underwater

 Bonaire Videos Bonaire-late October 2014

  • The Tarpon at Buddy Dive Reef
  • Cracking an egg underwater
  • Some of the best Caribbean diving around
  • Buddy Dive with CIDA
  • CIDA group trip to Bonaire 

Cayman Brac Videos-June 2014

  • Video highlights of CIDA trip
  •  Brac Beach Reef resort and land adventures
  • Wreck of the Captain Keith Tibetts


  • God’s Pocket-August 2016

Solomon Islands-May 2018

  • Karumolun Village visit
  • Bilikiki 10 day trip Topside
  • Solomon Islands Underwater
  • Kavachi Volcanoe 

Sea of Cortez-Sept. 2017

  • Rocio Del Mar Topside
  • The Scary Sea creatures of the Sea of Cortez
  • Whale sharks of Bahia De Los Angeles