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Scuba trips to the Channel Islands for the experienced diver is our specialty.

We also run trips to wrecks, oil rigs & coastal offshore reefs and offer warm & cold water dive vacations as well. We don’t have a Dive Shop and we are not Club but we have been putting on some AWESOME trips since 2008.

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Friends say “Going on a CIDA trip is like diving with FUN family”

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CIDA Dive Schedule

On all our local SoCal trips we offer 10% discounts for Students and Military, Fire & Law Enforcement personnel and 5% discounts to sponsoring dive clubs. When signing up online enter “Student”, “Military”, “Fire” or “Police” for the Promo code and for clubs enter your club code.

This is our way of saying “Thank You” to those that are trying to better their lives and to those that help protect us and our families by putting their lives on the line!  

“Adventure Trips”-Wrecks and Explore

“Adventure Trips”-Wrecks and Explore

We decided to add more of the ADVENTURE back into some of our trips. We currently have some trips scheduled for our new “Adventure Trips” that are for Experienced Advanced Deep Divers and above.

These trips are 3 tank dives, limited loads, cost slightly more and the dive sites will be between 70’-120’ ft deep plus we have one 2 day “Adventure Trip” on the Truth  going north past Pt. Conception. Check the Dive Calendar and sign-up soon!

CIDA Trips with Photo Tips & More

CIDA Trips with Photo Tips & More

For some of our local trips we have some excellent professional underwater photographers helping out giving free tips and suggestions. In 2019 they are Michael Zeigler, Brook Peterson and Brent Durand. Join us and improve your underwater photography or videography skills. Check out our Guest Photographer page for more info.

Join DAN or DiveAssure today!

Join DAN or DiveAssure today!

If you’re a diver and don’t have dive accident or travel insurance, don’t kid yourself thinking nothing is ever going to happen. The one time something does happen (and hopefully it never will) will be when you are going to really hope you have it, especially if you do multiple dive trips in a year! Either DAN or DiveAssure both offer plenty of choices depending on your needs and type of diving you like to do. Get all the info needed to sign-up for DAN or DiveAssure here!

Upcoming Vacation Trips


Canada-Thousand Islands Wreck Trip-Aug. 24 to Sept. 1, 2019

canada brockville wreckThe Thousand Islands area along the St. Lawrence River has gained critical acclaim as being the "World's Best Fresh Water Scuba Diving" destination. The main reason for this is the wrecks and their artifacts, submerged structures, old bottle collecting, 72 degree water temperature (in August) and no thermoclines. This area is located between Montreal and Toronto, in Ontario, Canada along the USA and Canada border. 9 days-priced at $1795.00

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