Channel Islands Dive Adventures specializes in SCUBA trips for the experienced diver to all the Channel Islands including wrecks, oil rigs & coastal offshore reefs and we offer DISCOUNTS for Students, Military, Fire and Police personnel-Book your trip today!

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Mission Statement

Channel Islands Dive Adventures LLC mission is to offer well organized dive trips to unique and interesting destinations with a dive/travel guide present, to help foster new friendships with other like minded divers and above all to promote safe and fun diving. read more.

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Truth – Santa Rosa Island (Advanced divers and above)

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Palau- Palau Aggressor-Feb. 17-24, 2019

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Channel Islands Dive Adventures

CIDA Local SoCal Boat Trips

Jan. 5thGull Island, Santa Cruz-Truth out of Santa Barbara harbor

Jan. 19thOil Rigs-Magician out of San Pedro

Feb. 2ndSanta Cruz-Peace out of Ventura Harbor

Feb. 10thCatalina West End-Magician out of San Pedro

Mar. 2ndAnacapa-Peace out of Ventura Harbor

We are ALWAYS  “Striving for Different Diving”

Why book with CIDA? That’s simple because we LOVE diving, have FUN people on trips and have Great Reviews plus there is the CIDA Difference!

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On all our local SoCal trips we offer 10% discounts for Students and Military, Fire & Law Enforcement personnel and 5% discounts to sponsoring dive clubs. When signing up online enter “Student”, “Military”, “Fire” or “Police” for the Promo code and for clubs enter your club code.

This is our way of saying “Thank You” to those that are trying to better their lives and to those that help protect us and our families by putting their lives on the line!  

“Adventure Trips”-Wrecks and Explore

“Adventure Trips”-Wrecks and Explore

We decided to add more of the ADVENTURE back into some of our trips. We currently have dates on the Magician, Peace and Truth set aside for our new “Adventure Trips” that are for Experienced Advanced Deep Divers and above.

The single day trips will be 3 tank dives with limited loads, cost slightly more and the dive sites will be between 70’-120’ ft deep and we have one 2 day  “Adventure Trip” on the Truth  going north along the coast. Check the Dive Calendar and sign-up soon!

CIDA Trips with Photo Tips & More

CIDA Trips with Photo Tips & More

In 2019 CIDA will have three excellent professional underwater photographers helping out on some of our local boat trips. They are Michael Zeigler, Zac Areneta and Brook Peterson. They will be available to give photo & video help and tips to those that would like to learn more about underwater photography or videography plus there is no extra charge for this. Check out our Dive Calendar for more info.

Please join us and take your photography to the next level!

Join DAN or DiveAssure today!

Join DAN or DiveAssure today!

If you’re a diver and don’t have dive accident or travel insurance, don’t kid yourself thinking nothing is ever going to happen. The one time something does happen (and hopefully it never will) will be when you are going to really hope you have it, especially if you do multiple dive trips in a year! Either DAN or DiveAssure both offer plenty of choices depending on your needs and type of diving you like to do. Get all the info needed to sign-up for DAN or DiveAssure here!

Upcoming Vacation Trips


British Columbia-Nanaimo & Campbell River-June 22-30, 2019


warbonnet in canadaDiving British Columbia is AWESOME and it has some of the best cold water diving you will find. This is CIDA’s 7th trip back to Vancouver Island, B.C. and it sure will NOT be the last! Why is diving Vancouver Island so HOT? Because of wolf eels, wrecks, deep vertical walls, large metridums, ton’s of small inveterate life, giant pacific octopus, lot’s of colorful fish and much more.                                   

9 days priced at $1700.00

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