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Dive Boats

Dive Boats Channel Islands Dive Adventures Charters

Channel Islands Dive Adventures charters the boats we use for all our trips scheduled on our Dive Calendar. The dive boats we use are the Peace and Magician. We have used many other boats since we started but these currently work the best for us and our customers. They are all very safe with excellent safety records. The crews are excellent on each, the boats are kept clean and they have our passenger/friends needs at the top of their list of priorities.

Dive boats chartered by Channel Islands Dive Adventures

Peace dive boat

Size: 65′ x 22′

Departs from: Ventura Harbor, Ventura

Type of trips: Single & Multi-day

Destinations: all the Channel Islands

CIDA Peace information

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Magician dive boat

Size: 65′ x 16′

Departs from: 22nd St Landing, San Pedro

Type of trips: Single & Multi-day

Destinations: Southern Islands, Wrecks, Rigs and Whale Watching

*No spearfishing allowed aboard the Magician

CIDA Magician information