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Wreck trip-SM1 & Gosford-Sept. 22, 2018

wreck of the SM1 Humble

Channel Islands Dive Adventures dive report for the wrecks of the Humble SM1 & Gosford. Trip was outstanding aboard the Truth on  Saturday, September 22, 2018 . Both wrecks are about a 4-4.5 hour ride up the coast with the SM1 about 3 miles offshore just north of Gavoita State Beach and the Gosford sitting in the Coho Anchorage about 10 minutes north of the SM1.

The SM1 sunk in 1962 and the Gosford in 1893. You can read about both wrecks at this link-

wreck of the SM1 HumbleI was a bit worried at first how it would be under the surface due to the weather we had the following week but luckily we had excellent conditions both above and below. Underwater it was quite good with about 15′-20′ visibility not much current, little surge and about 57-degree water temperature. I have seen about 50′ visibility on these wrecks and when you do it will blow your mind.

happy wreck diverBoth wrecks are very picturesque especially the Gosford sitting on a shallow sandy bottom. The SM1 is rusting and falling apart and every trip to her I can see more changes. Some of it good because she is opening up her heart to us but at the same time how long will it be before she stops breathing?

finding knife on gosford wreckThis dive I realized at the last minute that I forgot to change the battery on my camera so I left it behind which turned out to be a very good thing. Without the camera I went very slow checking every nook and cranny I could and because of this one very cool thing happened. I found my own knife that I lost on the Gosford about 1.5-2 years ago. How do I know it was my knife? It had my name and telephone number engraved on it. Now what are the odds of that happening? I also found two monkeyface prickleback eels which are so cute. They look like a miniature adult wolfeel but they are much smaller.

This year I only scheduled one trip to the wrecks and that was a BIG mistake so next year it will be back to the normal two trips.

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